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Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Developer of AI applications (Sati-AI)

Classes, workshops, facilitation, mini-retreats, one on one consulting and Sati-AI

I offer online and in-person mindfulness meditation sessions tailored to artists, dancers, creative technologists, and blockchain enthusiasts. During these sessions, we explore the power of embodied awareness, also known as “bodyfulness,” by reinterpreting the four foundations of mindfulness from early Buddhism. I combine contemporary practices influenced by embodied cognition and somatics with the practice of “Sati” to offer a fully embodied perspective on mindfulness.

Each session includes guided mindfulness practice, somatic movement awareness, and a council/dialogue practice. I have researched and developed embodied presence practices for online environments, enabling me to teach mindfulness from a fully embodied perspective.

You can support my teaching and projects leaving donations here.

Additionally, I offer one-on-one online consultations by appointment.

As a certified Vipassana/Mindfulness Meditation Teacher by Spirit Rock Meditation Center in the US, I bring over two decades of experience and training to my teachings. My journey started with Zen studies and practice in 1998 at the Village Zendo in NYC, and I later deepened my understanding of Vipassana at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA. From 2016 to 2021, I lived and worked at Insight Meditation Society and studied under the mentorship of Stephen Barchelor since 2015.

With a strong background in somatics and movement art practices, as well as a trauma-sensitive approach and complexity theory, I offer a unique perspective as a meditation teacher. Additionally, I am an Embodyoga® 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and a meditation teacher in residence at Lake Studios Berlin, as well as a guide of the meditation guild in Kernel.

Finally, I am the creatorof Sati-AI Project, exploring the potential of generative AI to ethically create and develop AI focused on early teachings of buddhism. I gace created AI-driven Buddhist meditation assistants capable of answering all inquiries related to mindfulness meditation and early Buddhist concepts and philosophies.

Instances of Sati-AI:

Sati-AI Web App

Sati-GPT (for users ChatGPT Plus

Images generated with Sati-GPT (for users ChatGPT Plus

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Fun stuff

As a certified meditation teacher, I have a deep appreciation for the Buddha and his teachings. It’s said that he liked to be represented by footprints, but I imagine he would have a good laugh and enjoy these AI-generated depictions of him. From a Buddha inspired by the work of Basquiat and Haring to those depicted in Blade Runner and Jim Henson, these representations may be empty, but they highlight the enduring influence of the Buddha and his teachings.

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